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Backdrop Guide

The complete guide to using your new backdrops in Adobe Photoshop

Simplified Steps

Simplified Instructions: Video Tutorial (Recommended) 

Step 1. Open the link and save the backdrops from the google drive

Step 2. Open photoshop and import a backdrop you wish to use

Step 3. Open a newborn or baby photo that you’d like to add

Step 4. Crop out the newborn photo the best you can but don’t worry if it’s not perfect!

Step 5. Drag the photo to the backdrop photoshop window and place it on the elephant's trunk

Step 6. Once in position use the eraser to tidy up the added newborn and get rid of any rough edges or obvious errors

Step 7. Time to create a simple shadow - Lightning is one of the most important techniques to make your edits look as realistic as possible. There are many ways to add lightning/shadows however the one we'd recommend is 'Choose an adjustment, Set Level, Invert (ctrl+i), click paintbrush to apply, use X To add or remove' you can see this technique being used in the demo video above.

Step 8. Save your edit!


Extra Steps

  • You can adjust the brightness of the entire image to suit perfectly by going to 'image' then down to 'brightness and contrast'

  • You may wish to add text and if you’d like a fancy font we’d recommend checking out the website ‘dafont’ for free easy to add fonts!


If you need any support with your editing then please don’t hesitate to let us know, we are here to help and always happy to put you at ease with the whole process:)

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